So now I knew that something strange was happening to me it was time to do some investigation. Now I wasn’t expecting Sherlock Holmes to appear and suddenly deduce the problem but then I was expecting a fairly quick diagnosis from a trained professional. That’s right off to the Dr it was.

It was the usual, “what seems to be the matter sir”, my response of “that’s what I’m here to find out” went down like a lead balloon. Instead, I was poked and prodded and had to give all sorts of samples with no answers forthcoming. Maybe I should have tracked down Mr Holmes after all!

The worst thing from it all was NOT the fact I didn’t have the answers but the fact I was told even after the very small blackout I described I shouldn’t drive until they work out what caused it. So I came out feeling a lot worse than I went in, part of my freedom now removed!

It’s funny how once you tell people you’re not feeling very well, everyone suddenly becomes an expert in the field. I went to work one day and was diagnosed with about twenty different illnesses from my helpful colleagues. It didn’t stop there though, they even recommended different medicines I should take to fix it… I mean, why do doctors even bother with medical school, these lot were actually giving me answers!

Whilst all this was going on it was a particularly stressful time at work with lots going on. This was compounded as I was starting to feel quite stressed with not knowing what was happening with me and the worry caused by not driving. I started getting regular headaches, regular in time that is…

These were anything but normal headaches. It felt like someone was trying to push my right eye out of my head from the inside. They hurt and seemed at their worst in the morning when I woke up and felt like I needed to cry. Yes grown men can still cry, they are just not allowed to do it in public apparently.

I just did my usual thing and tried to ignore it but it was definitely getting worse. Then one day at work doing my usual of staring at the computer, it flared up and I thought things like;

  • Should I be pushing back to keep my eye in place? Or
  • What would my colleagues do if my eye did suddenly just pop out?
  • Shall I ignore it and pretend everything is fine?

Then I just felt weak and light headed, luckily the office first aider was at hand and leapt into action. She came running over with some water and a Mars bar and I was back to normal. I should say, other chocolate bars are available but I cannot say that they would have had the same affect. Disclosure – I did NOT receive any free Mars bars from this review!

It was at this stage I thought I don’t need to go back to the Dr, I know exactly what this is. As I always have a funny turn either;

  •  After eating something unhealthy / sugary
  • Exercising / pushing myself
  • Not eating

It’s obvious, it MUST be blood sugar related. That’s it, I’ve got this…. I’m diabetic! Who needs a Dr?

As one of my best friends is diabetic I thought I would seek some advice from him. He said that due to my age it was unlikely I would be a certain type (I can’t remember which) and then he went on to say that it was more likely to be a brain tumour. At this point, I got very bored of talking to him, I went to him for some sensible advice and instead he is making up RIDICULOUS claims of brain tumours!

Off I went back to the Dr to get the latest blood test results and to tell them there’s no need for any more tests, I’ve cracked it!

I was slightly deflated when they said that it can’t be that as it would have shown up in the tests. I said jokingly “well my mate thinks it’s a brain tumour!”. The GP agreed with me that he was an idiot and that if you try to diagnose an illness by typing your symptoms into Google, a brain tumour would be the top answer. She said it is incredibly rare and she was unlikely to diagnose one in her whole career. Now I was feeling smug but still none the wiser as to what was going on with me. Must be stress surely,….. maybe I just need a holiday.

The good news is that I had a holiday booked and was ready to go off on an adventure in just a few weeks time. One of my friends was currently living in Peru and was planning to move, we had planned a road trip to get the job done and in my mind was going to be a bit like competing in the Dakar Rally, I couldn’t wait!

Prior to the trip I needed to have a top up on some vaccinations, I’ve never been a fan of needles and in fact have a bit of previous form for fainting when the time comes to be jabbed. Luckily, from all the attempts to diagnose me I had become used to being a pin cushion and could now happily take the needle as long as I was sitting down. The nurse was great and it was painless, she even gave me the complement of having great veins…. Just what every man wants to hear, like that’ll ever come in handy I thought! Anyway, as the nurse was looking at my notes she said “aren’t you worried about all this other stuff? Are you sure you should be going away?”. Obviously, I took no notice and said I’ll be fine it’s just a few headaches!

I should make this clear that so far all this, well apart from the very first seizure was happening in January 2015.

The next stage of tests and guesstimating what might be wrong with me was to have an appointment in the Neurology department at the local hospital. I thought this was all an overreaction and I just needed to be taking some paracetamol for the headaches. I played along and went to the appointment but was quite surprised when it was with an Epilepsy Nurse. I didn’t have epilepsy, I have headaches!!

During the appointment we went through my previous medical history since birth which I think my wife found quite amusing but the only thing in there linked to headaches was previous migraines in my early teens. We then went through some tests which involved:

  • Holding my arms fully out and then bringing them in to touch my nose
  • Pushing strength tests
  • Pulling strength tests

It was all very entertaining and I was laughing about it until I was told my left side was slower and had an issue. I just would not have it… Both were the same, there was nothing wrong with my spatial awareness…. I get headaches remember!!

Obviously my wife took the Nurse’s side as they ganged up on me to explain I had a weak left side. I was adamant that it was unnoticeable and that if anything, it was because I am right handed and therefore my right is dominant. I even made my wife try the tests in an attempt to prove my point. I did enjoy laughing at her attempting some but overall both her sides were the same.

Regardless, it didn’t matter, I was now being recommended to have an MRI. I’d heard of these before but didn’t really know what it was but at this point I was willing to give anything a go.

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