What is chemofit?

Chemofit was my idea to prepare myself physically and mentally for nine months of PCV chemotherapy treatment. I wanted to lose the weight I put on previously from my last TMZ treatment and be in the best position to prepare my body for what was being described as a particularly horrible and toxic treatment (PCV).

I was lucky to have great support from work who completely agreed with my plan and assisted me with getting things in place. By the end of June, I had either finished my work or ‘slopey shouldered’ it to a willing volunteer. This was great, it meant that I had reduced almost all stress overnight. I was feeling relaxed and ready to whip my body into shape next.


I then had another little result, the local gym offered a discounted wellbeing membership which I qualified for. I really was running out of excuses not to exercise now. I thought the only way I could keep at this was by establishing a routine, so that’s what I did……. My day now included cycling to the gym, swimming a mile and then cycling home. I would then walk to the local shop, buy some fresh ingredients and have dinner waiting on the table for when Gemma returned from work! I was feeling great, the weight wasn’t flying off but I felt healthy.


We then attended a local cancer support centre and spoke with a nutritionist about diet and the benefits of certain foods. From this it was recommended that I look into a ketogenic diet, this is something that I had heard about before and had even tried a few meals so I thought why not, I’ll give it a go. Basically this diet is low carb, high fat, luckily there is lots of information out on it as it seems quite popular at the moment and this means there are lots of good suggested recipes to try.



One of my many faults is that when I get into something, I really get into it……… When we got home I went through the cupboards getting rid of / hiding all of the non-Keto ingredients before going to the supermarket to stock up on all the good Keto ingredients and snacks. I was becoming obsessed. I was having fruit with yogurt for breakfast and making a Keto meal for my lunch and dinner. Above are a couple of recipes I made, they tasted better than they look but unfortunately I can’t remember exactly what they are…. Sorry (Did I mention Albie affects my memory?)!

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