Although I had completed the treatment phase and had such a positive scan result, I wasn’t done with the hospital just yet.

Due to the nature of the disease, remember Albie is a Grade 4 Glioblastoma Multiforme Brain Tumour, it is incurable and it will recur, it is a matter of when NOT if!

So, to keep on top of this and to make sure I was prepared, the next stage is monitoring……. This consists of three monthly MRI scans to check that Albie is still down and out!

A lot of people talk about scanxiety, the worry and stress involved in having an MRI scan and then waiting for the results, which for me always seems to be a week later.

I always look forward to the scan and finding out the results, the reassurance that I know exactly what Albie is up to in there and then preparing to live my life for the next three months, good or bad, until the next scan.

Albie may have left me with a slightly dented head but I was enjoying my new appreciation for life and I was feeling good, I was now back at work full time and doing more things socially with friends and family in the three months until the next scan that could change it all again.

So every three months I trundled off to the hospital for the MRI scan appointment and then the week later went to see the Oncologist to get the result. I always went to the scan appointment by myself, getting the train and then the bus to the hospital. The appointments were usually at a sensible time that made it easier to get to and they always seem to run on time making planning the trains manageable.

The result appointment was completely different and I was NOT allowed to attend this one alone…. Who set this rule?? Gemma of course, only because she didn’t trust me to repeat the results in the same detail as the Oncologist and was worried if they were bad, I would always add a positive spin…. To be fair I probably would have!

So that’s what happened, every three months I went up for a scan and about a week later went back with Gemma to get the results. If they were good, we would make plans for the next three months that sometimes included rushing down to the travel agent to book a holiday somewhere to make sure we were still enjoying our lives and making fun memories together.

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