The 30th December 2014 was the day that started it all…. What started out as any normal day, changed my life forever (not that I knew it at the time).

My wife and I decided that we would do a bit of post Christmas sale shopping, so decided to go to a local shopping centre to grab some bargains.

The morning started out like most others, we set a time to leave and my wife wasn’t ready so I was left to wait around. This then resulted in a bit of an argument before we finally left. As I could tell tensions were high, I suggested going somewhere for a late breakfast as neither of us had eaten. There was a nice local place we had been meaning to try for an evening meal, so we thought we give it a try. We were in luck, they did breakfast and it looked like a really cool place, a good way for us to start the day.

This is when the day started to take a bit of a turn. On sitting down at the table we were told they had an issue with the cookers in the kitchen so could only cook certain things, this didn’t bother us too much as we still found something that we liked but was a sign that the day was going to be a bad one.

We ordered food, sat down and drank coffee whilst waiting for our food. The next thing I know is I start to go a bit light headed and as my wife is talking to me she is reminding me of someone else. Let me clarify this, I hadn’t completely lost it, I knew it was still my wife but the way she was talking reminded me of someone else, possibly someone I saw on the TV, I just couldn’t put my finger on who it was. At the time this wasn’t anything that concerned me, however, I have since learnt that deja vu symptoms are linked to partial seizures.

As we were sat there I started to go even more light headed, I started to think, I must be hungry… my body needs fuel. As I was feeling dizzy I put my head in my hands whilst resting my elbows on the table, I was comfortable and relaxed. Then BANG, the next thing I know, my wife is shouting my name and pulling my arm. I thought it was her that had now lost the plot and needed feeding quickly! She had become HANGRY, why wouldn’t she just let me enjoy this moment of piece?

What I didn’t realise is that I had lost consciousness, only for less than a minute but I was out and my hands had been twitching. Now, a lot can happen in under 60 seconds, especially, when people think it’s serious. My wife was so worried, she sprung into action, not only was she supporting me but she also got some poor bloke who was eating a quiet breakfast with his family on the next table to phone an ambulance. Whilst all this chaos was going on around me, well being caused by me, I was there resting my head in my own peaceful World enjoying a few seconds of complete tranquillity.

After I was rudely awoken / saved depending on how you look at it, I had some water and was completely back to normal. I spoke to the ambulance call centre and said I was fine, they asked me a few questions before they cancelled the ambulance. I felt so embarrassed for ruining the breakfast of the family next to us and for wasting the 999 operator’s time, I mean there were probably other people that really needed their help. I just laughed it off, we enjoyed our food and carried on with our day like nothing had ever happened.

YES, that’s right, this incident still didn’t get me out of a shopping trip!!

The only change was that we thought it would be a good idea if my wife took over the driving. So we continued, had the usual argument about parking spaces in the car park and then unfortunately a day of unproductive bargain hunting.

I just assumed that this was nothing to worry about, something just caused from a combination of not eating anything, rushing around in the morning and possibly too much caffeine. I put the whole thing to the back of my mind and continued with my life as normal.

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