The Challenger

So…. lets meet the challenger, who is this Albie opponent and why my hate towards him?

To put things simply, Albie is my brain tumour. This is Albie from February 2015, the dark circle is Albie the tumour and the white surrounding it is swelling. To put it into perspective the 2 circles at the top of the page are my eyes, the scan flips the view, so although, Albie appears on the left side of the picture it was actually behind my right eye. Shortly after this scan, I had surgery to have Albie removed.

When I found out that I had a golf ball sized tumour removed from my brain, I strangely felt that I had lost something. I asked if I could keep it in a jar but was told that was ridiculous! As the connection had been made, I felt the large tumour needed a name. Well Albacore is a type of large tuna, large tuna / large tumour…. close enough. Albacore (Albie) was born. Although, I call it Albie, it is often referred to by my friends as my brain slug, the dark matter sucking on my brain trying to take over……. They will often say things like;  How’s the slug doing today? Do you and the slug wanna come out later? Did the slug make you do that?

Albie was gone but as a Grade 4 Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) brain tumour it will come back! The challenger that won’t give up.

My view is Albie’s not meant to be there….. It’s my brain, I’m the Champ, it needs to get OUT and stay OUT.

This is my fight to keep Albie away! See the Fighting Rounds Page to see what’s been going on……….