I had become used to my new routine of the three monthly MRI scans and then getting the results which consisted of going into the Oncologist’s office being asked how I felt and then being told that the scan was fine and there was NO change to Albie, so off I went to live life for the next three months until the next scan.


As this monitoring had been going on for almost two years it had just become the norm, every time I had a scan, I felt part of the process was going to get the “No Change” result.


I was starting to feel that I had beaten Albie, maybe this Grade 4 Glioblastoma Multiforme Brain Tumour was not as bad as people said……. Maybe I was just lucky with how well the surgery and treatment went and it really had knocked him out!!


The Oncologist then gave me some positive news…….. As the scans had been so consistently positive over the last two years he was recommending moving to four monthly scans, essentially this only meant one less scan a year but was further reassurance of the positive results. I felt like running around the boxing ring punching the air celebrating the win.


In terms of people battling with cancer I see / hear a lot “I won’t be the same again after this”. I had a real problem with this. I thought why let it define us, why can’t we go back to how we were and live our ‘normal lives’.

I appreciate that some people have some serious permanent physical or mental side effects that will have had a major impact on their lives, however, I was fortunate enough not to be in that situation and I didn’t want to think that Albie was going to change me or take something away from me!

I saw this as a blip in my life that I had to get through but if I kept positive and kept going I would get through it and get my life back on the track it was before Albie showed up.

I felt like I’d gone back in time to before I’d met Albie for the first time and all of this started, back to the beginning of 2015. I had finally got my driving licence back, I was still working full time, I was enjoying my life with family and friends…. I was normal…… Albie hadn’t changed me!!

But then Gemma pointed out it’s more about after a fight with cancer you realise you are stronger than you thought you were, it’s a positive change.  If you get through that you can get through anything. It’s not restrictive it’s empowering!

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