I have never been a fit person, I was never interested in the usual sports at school and was always used to being the person that came last in the races or picked last for the group sports. This never bothered me, I liked other things, I was into skateboards, rollerblades, surfing, well anything water based and bikes. Not that I was particularly good at any of them.

However, sometime in 2013 I decided it was time to make a change, I was going to start this thing I had only ever heard others talk about…… That’s right, I was going to start EXERCISE! I was going to the gym between 3-5 days a week, something I only managed as one of my mates is a personal trainer and motivated / forced me. I became interested in my diet and started having protein shakes to aid muscle growth. I became known down at the gym and surprised myself that I actually really enjoyed it, the more I went the better I felt and I started to look different. I even managed to go on days by myself because I wanted to! YES, wanted to!!

As part of this new me, I would try and exercise as much as I could. On one occasion, I didn’t have time to go to my usual gym but at work we have some basic machines, running, cycling, etc, so I thought I would give that ago. Off I went motivated and feeling good, I started cycling as fast as my legs would go whilst watching homes under the hammer on the TV. I wasn’t quite at the stage where I could do it by myself without a distraction so the TV helped. After about twenty minutes and just at the good bit when they reveal if the house has made any money I went incredibly dizzy and light headed. I had to stop immediately, I rolled off the bike and managed to drag myself to a step where I just sat. Luckily, I had my bottle of water with me, so I drank some of that and just had a few minutes to myself. I began to feel normal again but decided that I had done enough for the day and went for a shower and to get changed. I never did find out if the property made money…. So, if you were on the show in January 2015, purchased a 3 bedroom detached house from auction in Nottingham, renovated it all including adding a bedroom in the loft, did you manage to sell it and make some money? I hope you did.

After this little incident, I still wasn’t worried. Again, I hadn’t really eaten that much before exercising, so I believed I just pushed myself a little too hard. After a drink and some food, I was fine, so surely there’s nothing wrong with me.

Continuing with the exercise theme, every Christmas my mates and I try to go on a mountain bike ride, no matter the weather, rain, wind, ice or snow, we will force ourselves to ride and have a great time. One of my favourites was the notorious ice year, where we all kept falling off!

Anyway, 2014 was no different and it was time for the ride. Although, due to people being busy it was actually in the first few days of January 2015 this time. The group was a bit bigger that year and there were a few new faces, friends of friends, people I didn’t know but like minded and easy to get on with. We were probably about an hour into the ride when we stopped to regroup at the top of one of the hills, once everyone was there we looked around to appreciate the great views of our surroundings. It was then that I suddenly had a strange feeling that I had lived this moment before….. Not just the place, I had been to that exact spot lots of times, this felt like I had been at this place, doing this exact thing with these people. It was strange, I knew I hadn’t, I had only met half of the group that morning.. It was simply impossible.

Then all of a sudden I started to feel dizzy, my energy completely gone, I had to get off my bike and just lie on the ground. Everyone reacted the same, a mix of piss taking and then checking to see if I was okay. To be honest, I didn’t know. I just needed a time out, a few minutes to recharge. Once I started feeling a bit better, I sat up, had some water and an energy bar and we all laughed the whole thing off. One of my friends said he would ride back to the car park with me but I was happy to continue. Just another strange incident that I couldn’t explain…… Maybe I needed to have more porridge that morning, maybe I had pushed it too hard up the last hill, I didn’t know. What I did know was that these little incidents were happening more frequently, whilst I wasn’t worried in the slightest maybe I should do something about it.

Up until this point I thought that I needed to fuel my body better, make sure that I had eaten enough prior to exercising or just leaving the house. Maybe I was just pushing myself a bit too much, maybe exercise really wasn’t for me, but then something different happened.

I was eating out in a restaurant and had chosen something particularly unhealthy.. a big juicy burger with all the toppings and chips, it was tasting really good and I demolished it quickly. Before we went to leave I thought I would just use the toilet, as I was washing my hands, I came over all dizzy again. This was the same feeling that I had felt during the incidents when I was exercising but I hadn’t pushed myself today, I hadn’t been exercising, in fact I had just fully fuelled my body. So what was the cause this time? I couldn’t answer that, I was now confused over the matter.

I went back to our table, sat down for a few minutes and asked for some water whilst waiting for the bill. Again, like before after a rest and some water I was back to normal, however, this had now got my attention…

In the space of a couple of weeks I had suffered from four of these incidents, the first being the shopping black out. I gave in, it was now time to take this a bit more seriously, so I reluctantly booked an appointment with the GP.

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