About me

Who am I? Well let me introduce myself. My name’s Tommy, I am in my thirties (it’s the new twenties), in full time employment, have a semi-active / healthy lifestyle and am incredibly lucky to have a wife, Gemma,  who I am definitely punching above my weight with. All these boxing references may give you a false impression that I’m a fighter…. This is actually my first ever fight, it just happens that it’s the most important one and I am actually fighting for my life against Albie!



Enough of Albie, he’s always trying to take over, back to me… I am college educated but a university drop out, it wasn’t really for me, wrong course, wrong university, so the level of my writing will probably be questionable at most times. As the entries go on it will become more apparent why I am doing this but at this stage this blog is all new and I am still playing catch up to explain the roller coaster ride I’m on that started in 2015.

See the Fighting Rounds Page to see what’s been going on……….